Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cooper test

Today I made a bit faster exercise for the coming Jukola relay. I jogged to Ratina stadium and did a Cooper 12 minute test. The physical shape was just what I expected, far away from the best I have had. I managed to run 2850 meters in 12 minutes, which is just barely acceptable.

Jukola relay will be held this year on a terrain, which demands a good physical condition. That's not good news for me! I'll try to do my best and start exercising again to get onto better shape for the coming years...

Today I joined Tampereen Pyrintö sports club as well to start a more active life. Let's see how my physical condition will evolve over the time. I'm not ready for Jukola, but I'm ready to start doing something that I would be ready next time.

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